Community Exhibitions


Community Exhibitions as Tools for Adults’ Individual Development

[GRUNDTVIG Learning Partnerships]

A partnership of museum and heritage sites in Europe debating, sharing ideas and innovative practice around the problems museums have to deal when engaging with their diverse audiences, visitors and communities. The proposed partnership will promote and develop a culture of learning among staff of museums and other heritage organizations personnel, minorities and community members from socially disadvantaged background or marginalized adults.

The proposed partnership will promote an open debate on how we can design new tools that allow involving the communities in the planning activities of museums and other cultural organizations. This partnership will help in creating, experimenting and introducing methods which allow the delivery of cultural content to all, enhancing museums and cultural heritage sites to widen their scope to reach more diverse audiences and truly reach out to their local communities.

The learning will cover a broad range of subjects, depending on the needs and interest of the learners (museums and cultural heritage organizations staff as well as community members, audiences and adult visitors), but at its core will be learning about the sustainability of museums by increasing community participation as well as the development of basic skills in using Information and Communications Technology to communicate cultural identity and the preservation of heritage. All the findings of the mobilities, site visits as well as the exploration and discussion of best practice examples will be collated in a document with recommendations to be distributed widely in the European cultural heritage and adult learning community.

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